SEStran Park & Ride Directions

SEStran Park & Ride

    The map below shows the location of park and ride sites in your area. Real-time traffic speed information is also shown as green (fast), amber (slow) or red (very slow). In circumstances where there is serious congestion on the route it will be coloured black. You can also pan and zoom around the map.

    To get information about bus, train or tram information at any P&R site, click on Bus P&R, Train P&R or Tram P&R for the selected site. You can also find out more about facilities at each site, timetable information and typical travel times by clicking on the Bus P&R, Train P&R or Tram P&R icon for any particular station. To obtain directions to your chosen P&R site, please select from the drop down menus below. To select another SEStran Park & Ride region, please choose from the main navigation bar.